The Institute Gift Shop

The Institute Gift Shop

Our Gift Shop

As much a museum as a store, our one-of-a-kind gift shop is furnished with beautifully preserved solid oak cabinets, display cases, shelving and a marble-topped soda fountain, all handmade in St. Louis at the turn of the last century and transported by rail to the lumber boomtown of Stamps, Ark., where it adorned the Baker Drug Store, opened in 1902. When Gov. Rockefeller's wife, Jeannette, learned in 1967 that the historic store was to be torn down, she bought the entire interior and had it disassembled and transported to Petit Jean as a gift to Gov. Rockefeller for their 11th wedding anniversary.

“A unique shopping experience awaits visitors to the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute set atop scenic Petit Jean Mountain in Conway County.” – 501 Life Magazine

Today, those distinctive, handmade display cases and shelves serve as ideal displays for our eclectic collection of Arkansas-made crafts and art, including White Oak Gibson baskets, a 100-year Gibson family tradition; gourmet snacks; hand-carved wildlife figurines; hand-blown glass art; fine duck calls; jewelry; carefully chosen outdoor, children's, and local-interest books; and much more. While you're here, take a moment away from browsing to look at the knobs of the drawers that hold some of our collection; they still bear the carefully written names of the medicines, chemicals and compounds they originally held.

Antique pharmacy drawer knobs from 1902.



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