Petit Jean Mountain

Petit Jean Mountain ("petty gene," as the locals say) is a distinctive, flat-topped formation rising nearly 1,000 feet above the rich floodplains on the south bank of the Arkansas River. Home to Gov. Rockefeller for the final 20 years of his life, he carefully constructed a cattle farm and estate here, known as Winrock. It became a part of Gov. Rockefeller — and he a part of it.

During your visit, we hope you'll also take time to explore and appreciate his beloved mountain — its streams and lakes and waterfalls, pines and hardwoods, myriad animal life, 100-mile views, 1,000-year-old rock art, and the flagship of the Arkansas State Parks System, Petit Jean State Park.

Today, Petit Jean is central to our identity and purpose at the Institute. Isolated but not remote, peaceful but not sleepy, the Institute exudes "productive energy" and is uniquely suited to exactly the kind of transformative intellectual interaction and free exchange of ideas that Gov. Rockefeller fostered during his time here.