We invite conference guests and Winthrop Rockefeller Retreat participants to add a Culinary Team Building Workshop to their Institute experience! Winthrop Rockefeller knew well the benefits and camaraderie a good meal can provide. We took inspiration from the pleasure he derived in hosting collaborators on Petit Jean Mountain and created three culinary team building workshops infused with fun, good humor, and just the right amount of challenge. Your group will enjoy friendly competition and have a memorable time together.

Rock Chop Challenge

A workshop for those who like to be creative in the kitchen and can think on their feet! With a basket of mystery ingredients, join together in teams of 3-4 and create a full meal in less than three hours. Our professional culinary kitchen will be where the magic happens and also where the teams will present their plates to be judged on creativity, presentation, and taste. Enjoy your creations as amounts allow, then enjoy a meal prepared by our chef that uses the same ingredients!

Rock Chop Challenge Details

  • Participants: 6-20
  • Cost per participant: $100
  • Time: 2.5 hours

Pizza Challenge

Who can make the most interesting (and delicious) pizza? Participants are divided into two teams, and each team will be split into two groups. One group creates two pizzas to dazzle our judges, while the other group creates a compelling sales pitch — jingles included! Feel free to enjoy your own pizza as amounts allow, as the Institute will serve additional food to ensure everyone enjoys a delicious meal.

Pizza Challenge Details

  • Participants: 15-40
  • Cost per participant: $75
  • Time: 2 hours

Sips & Sweets

Unlike our two other competitive offerings, this “workshop” is all about enjoyment and relaxation. After your group has done their best work all day at the Institute, come together to toast your efforts with a variety of wines and housemade desserts.

Sips & Sweets Details

  • Participants: 10-50
  • Cost per participant: $25-35
  • Time: 1 hour

Sips & Sweets can be held in numerous comfortable spaces at the Institute. Your conference planner can help you decide where to gather.

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