Is your organization on the verge of something special but you need help turning your vision into a reality? Do you believe that your team has the answers but you could use some help articulating and expanding upon those initial ideas? Is there gridlock in your decision-making process and you need help getting unstuck?

We can help. Our team is made up of well-trained and experienced facilitators who are adept at meeting design and facilitation. We use an outcomes-focused approach that allows us to design custom meetings to meet your needs, including: 

  • Help determine the cause of a problem
  • Generating a range of solutions
  • Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of proposed solutions
  • Selecting a strategy
  • Creating a plan for the future

In the past year, we have provided over 3,000 hours of facilitation services to more than 500 participants. Our theory of change comes from the Rockefeller Ethic. Our facilitators come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are well-trained to use a variety of meeting design and facilitation techniques to help you and your group be successful. Some of the places we have honed our expertise include: 

Mike Poore

Former Little Rock School District Superintendent

“Everything was guided by the facilitators at the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute so that it drew out everyone’s best thinking and connected everyone in a collaborative spirit. We ended up with a product that we never would’ve guessed would’ve come from less than 24 hours of work. It was amazing.

It would be an honor to welcome your team to the Institute to take advantage of our professional facilitation services and enjoy all that Petit Jean Mountain has to offer, but our nimble team is also able to travel to your location or facilitate virtually

You and your team are the most important components of the facilitation process. It is our job to work with you to design the approach that will work best for your organization and to make it easy for your team to do its best work.

Contact Person

Payton Christenberry

Associate Director of 727-6255