What professional development workshop does your team need to be more successful?

Did you know our professional development workshops can help your team

  • communicate more effectively,
  • have more productive meetings, and
  • solve problems collaboratively?

Do you want to build a team that understands and embraces the possibilities that come from being actively engaged leaders in your community? 

The Institute offers professional development workshops that can be scheduled independently or added to conferences already scheduled at the Institute. Although we love hosting your team on the mountain, we understand this isn’t always possible for groups. In this case, let us bring our workshops to you! Each workshop provides a different experience, from leadership development to building mutual understanding, and they all draw from the Rockefeller Ethic.

Read the descriptions below and fill out the form if you’re not sure which workshop best fits your group.

Pricing Details

WorkshopNumber of Participants*Workshop LengthPrice**
Walks with the Governor10-504 hours$250 for up to 10 participants,
$25 for each additional
Tools for Respectful Dialogue10-502 hours$600 for up to 15 participants,
$30 for each additional
Beyond Civility10-505 hours$1,125 for up to 15 participants,
$50 for each additional
Dynamic Development: Type to Team10-504 hours$150 per person for up to 30 participants; 31-50 require an additional facilitator fee
SILO Team Building10-502-5 hours$900 (2 hours) to $2,700 (5 hours) for up to 15 participants, $30 for each additional
Culinary Team Building Workshops6-501-2.5 hours$25-100 per person

*Larger groups can be accommodated upon request.

**Off-site Workshops will require a $350 travel fee. Travel distance may impact the final price.

Want help deciding which workshop best fits your team? Please submit the form below, and a member of our Workshops team will reach out to you!

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