Are you tired of leaving meetings feeling frustrated and like you’ve wasted your time? Are you starting to think every meeting could be an email instead?

In our experience, meeting design and strategy plays an important role in making the most of your time together as well as fostering quality dialogue on difficult topics. If you’ve ever attended an Institute-led meeting, you’ve seen how we guide participants in doing this work. Participants in our meetings effectively brainstorm, discuss difficult topics, prioritize lists, generate solutions, solve problems, and remain engaged. Attendees of this workshop will learn and practice using some of our favorite meeting design and facilitation tools so that they can bring them back to their organizations and host meetings that matter. 

“I hope that I will never reach a time when I will not be able to work with people whom I disagree with if we can reach a common goal by doing so.”

Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller

Pricing Details

WorkshopNumber of ParticipantsWorkshop LengthPrice
Tools4-802 hours$200 for up to 10 participants,
$15 for each additional

*Workshop Length is dependent on group size.

**Off-site Workshops will require a $350 travel fee. Travel distance may impact final price.

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