Is your team collaborating effectively, supporting one another, seeking help from each other before there is an emergency, and being as efficient and productive as you know they can be?

“Team building” can have a poor reputation when activities are used as icebreakers or time fillers instead of focusing on specific outcomes. The SILO Team Building workshop is different. Our facilitators will lead your group through activities that explore four core pieces of great teamwork: communication, trust, role clarity, and mutual respect.

Over five hours, participants will enjoy hands-on team building activities centered around Strengthening Individual Leadership Opportunities (SILO). The group will spend time reflecting on how these lessons can directly affect them, and at the end of the session, they’ll participate in a whole-team assessment designed to identify team strengths and future opportunities for improvement. Your team will leave with an understanding of what everyone brings to the table and some skills to work better together.

Pricing Details

WorkshopNumber of ParticipantsWorkshop Length*Price*
SILO Team Building10 person minimum2-5 hours$900 (2 hours) to $2,700 (5 hours) for up to 15 participants, $30 for each additional

*Workshop Length is dependent on group size and needs.

**Off-site Workshops will require a $350 travel fee. Travel distance may impact final price.

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