The Institute develops programs that create sustainable and positive change to benefit the quality of life of all Arkansans. Our programs staff is trained to lead people through meetings that address a specific issue. Using wisdom from the people in the room, we encourage collaborative problem solving by leading program participants through different exercises and dialogues to help them reach a goal.

The goals vary by program. The goal could be agreeing on recommendations for a government agency, growing new collaborations between organizations with similar purposes, or something else entirely.

The Rockefeller Ethic

By using the Rockefeller Ethic we provide a process for a thorough examination of the issue and a neutral space for all voices to be heard.

When we plan a program we ask ourselves “What do we want to be different when the program is over?” and build the plan to get to our answer.

See how we used the Rockefeller Ethic to improve health care in rural Arkansas through the Rural Health Summits in this video.

Our Current Programs

Below is a list of our current programs, which link to dedicated program pages with much more information. See our past programs for details on what has been accomplished so far.

Do you have a program idea? Could we be potential partners? Email us.