The Beyond Civility workshop is an introduction to the theory of civility and civic engagement, and why both are vital to our success as a society and as individuals.

As a participant, you will learn about these topics through a thoughtful curriculum and participate in facilitated exercises. You will be able to bring new dialogic skills back to your communities and teams to foster collaboration, promote mutual understanding, and resolve conflict.

“Mutual understanding and respect between people is something we have to keep working for.”

Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller

Workshop Details

This workshop can be offered for groups meeting at the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute, or at an offsite location that your team may coordinate with our program officers.

This workshop is designed to serve many different types of groups across all ages and sectors, including:

  • High school students
  • College students
  • K-12 educators and administrators
  • Higher education
  • Civic leaders
  • Board of directors
  • Business community
  • Nonprofit organizations

“This was an experience that none of those young men nor I will ever forget. By noon the day after we returned, those five young men had told most of the school about their trip to the “Mountain.” This program provided these young men something many people never see…you provided two days of peace. You showed them life outside of Pine Bluff. You introduced them to people not like them and let them know that different is ok.”  

Beyond Civility participant

Interested in the Workshop?

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Heather can help you decide which workshop is right for your group or advise how to fit one into your schedule when you meet at the Institute.

Heather Southard

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