Given its rise in popularity over the last few years, the Institute has added a pickleball court to the list of amenities registered guests can enjoy! The court, located in the Tennis Court facility on the northwest side of our campus, opened late this summer and can be accessed upon request. While the Institute is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., pickleball is only available to registered guests staying at the Institute.

The Tennis and Pickleball Court at the Institute.

“We’re excited to start promoting pickleball in our conversations with potential clients,” Director of Conference Services Tracy Kendrick said. “Having a new experience to offer our guests is always fun for us as a department, especially if they’ve never stayed with us before. You can do it whenever you stay with us for a conference, meeting, workshop, or retreat. I’ve yet to play myself, but I plan to the next chance I get.”

Registered guests of the Institute must visit the Front Desk to gain access to the court and to check out pickleball equipment if needed. Guests must show a valid photo ID to use Institute equipment.

Here’s a brief history for those who have yet to play or don’t know much about the game! It was invented in 1965 when three Washington dads hatched a plan to alleviate their kids’ boredom. Just outside of Seattle, Washington, in a town called Bainbridge, Congressman Joel Pritchard and businessman Bill Bell developed the game on a nearby badminton court after lacking the proper equipment to play. A man named Barney McCallum soon joined in with them, and they created the first set of rules. After that, the sport soon took off and evolved into what we know today.

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