The Winthrop Rockefeller Institute specializes in bringing people together to solve big problems and create new opportunities. Our nonprofit’s mission is to continue Winthrop Rockefeller’s collaborative approach to creating transformational change. To collaborate, people must come together and make space for purposeful conversations and deep listening.

We have found with thorough pre-planning and effective meeting design, we can convene an impactful virtual conference online. The Institute has held successful virtual programs using the Zoom platform and we’re pleased to bring this service to our clients for groups of up to 50 with the Virtual Convening Package.

The Virtual Convening Package Includes:

  • Assistance from an Institute conference planner to design your virtual conference, consulting with you to determine and clarify:
    • The meeting purpose – why do you need to meet and what should be different when the meeting is concluded?
    • The agenda – how can you best engage your participants?
    • The number of hours planned for the meeting and how best to use them
  • The same Institute conference planner will manage all of the technical details needed for the conference, including:
    • Invitation with meeting link to all invited participants, including instructions on how to use Zoom
    • Hosting and moderating the Zoom meeting
      • Facilitation of questions
      • Transitioning between speakers
      • Assisting with screen share
      • Management of breakout rooms
      • Answering participant technical questions
      • Providing transcripts of the meeting and chat, or other notes collected during the meeting

Additional Services Available:

  • Meeting design and facilitation services from members of the Institute program team, who are trained in numerous types of facilitation. Examples of this service include:
    • Facilitating specific sessions during your conference
    • Leading participants through a deliverative process that assures all voices are heard and options examined when making decisions
    • Facilitating breakout sessions to ensure a participatory discussion
    • Constructing and leading dialogues that connect people and help them build mutual understanding

The minimum charge for the Virtual Convening Package is $1,250 for up to 25 participants. Each additional participant over 25 is $50. Additional facilitation services listed above are subject to availability at hourly rates. To inquire, please first fill out the Conference Applicationand in your answer to the last question indicate you’d like to meet virtually.

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